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1602 Sint Pieters Leeuw
BTW 461 113 056
contact: Roseline Leuckx

Ipso Facto wants to be seen as YOUR true HR Business partner and an added value of positive change for your organisation.

Our added value services include:

Ipso facto aims to bring potential candidates, looking for employment, in contact with the appropriate company and helps candidates to enlarge their networks in their search for a job.

Please go to “Contact Us” to send us your resume and motivation letter.

Ipso Facto is trusted and viewed as approachable by each candidate, employee, manager and company.

Ipso Facto remains current on essential information to keep your business compliant with federal, state and local employment regulations.

Ipso Facto HR is constantly looking for ways to improve the communication and delivery of products and services to the workforce.

Ipso Facto is continuously updated to insure awareness and understanding of rapidly changing environments for the business and for the employee.